A Little Intro

A Little Intro

Posted Aug 21, 2022

Last Updated Oct 11, 2022

Hello! I'm Jacob!

I'm a Software Engineer working primarily with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python. I've got experience across the stack, but love to work on the Front End. I spent over 10 years as a Bartender (half of that time in music venues!) before graduating from Springboard's Software Engineering Bootcamp in late 2021, and have been working for an early-stage startup since! I'm an avid reseracher when it comes to new tech that I'm learning, or just solving problems in general, and figured I should share that with the world! (Hello, void!)

I plan on writing about things mostly Front End Development related, but could stray into some broader topics as well. I primarily work with React, Next.js, Redux, Express, and MongoDB in JavaScript and TypeScript, and then FastAPI, Django, Django RESTFramework, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, and PostgreSQL with Python.

I took a pretty roundabout entry into web development. In the early days, I'd started in college working on a Mechanical Engineering degree before taking a break from college and entering the service industry. I worked basically every position you could in a restaurant, followed by in bars, and winding up bartending full time. I eventually went back to college, this time pursuing a Physics degree. Partway through this, I moved out of the state I grew up in, and started bartending in music venues. When the pandemic hit, I was one of the many who took "if you don't like it, then get a better job" literally, and went to Springboard's Bootcamp. After finishing there I got hired by the company I currently work for now!

I love the opportunity we have as engineers to learn and grow each day, and can't wait to see where it takes me! I also look forward to sharing bits of that journey here!

Thanks for reading!