What I Worked On - Oct 17-21

What I Worked On - Oct 17-21

Posted Oct 21, 2022

Last Updated Oct 21, 2022

Back again for another week! Had a great weekend of watching the longest scoreless postseason game in MLB history (my butt is still sore from the bleachers!), and playing some hockey on Sunday evening. Didn't really get any coding done after Friday evening, but had a nice restful break!

Let's get into it!


Monday was a lot of planning. It started out with me finishing the last of my Front End API wish list from last week for our PIM and going over it with my coworker who's working on the back end for this project. After going over everything and getting his thoughts on it, I dove into getting my architecture review done. We need to change the way we're using RTK Query to fetch data from the back end, so I needed to plan out all those changes.

In the afternoon, I worked on the responsiveness of the site, and got a reusable media query function put together to help make that easier in my Emotion components.


The day started off with a block of solo work time, in which I had to pull some code I'd written for a Python/Django/Quickbooks integration, so I could send it over to one of our Data Scientists to look at. After that, it was time for Architecture Review with the team. Everything looked good, and there were no changes requested, so it was time to start writing some code!

Pretty quickly I got the minor CSS updates and copy changes implemented, and started in on working in the RTK Query API. First I needed to add a slice, as well as a few routes in total. After that, it was on to working on updating the UI to work with the new API changes.

Finishing out the day, I took some time to tidy up some small tasks, as well as get the weekly required training for the company taken care of. Excited for the second half of a Bruins back-to-back tonight! 3-0 to start the season isn't too shabby when you're down 3 key players!


Wednesday was a bit all over the place! In the morning I continued to work on our next release, refactoring the RTK Query API. I had some solid time to knock out a bunch, so I wrote everything I could without the updates for the corresponding routes in the back end (waiting on a coworker for those), and then got in a bit of time working on this blog!


As usual, Thursdays are pretty weird timing for me. After a 1:1 with a coworker in the morning, I jumped back into working on the refactor. My coworker had pushed updates to the back end after I finished for the day on Wednesday, so I was able to go in and start testing. Pretty quickly I ran into some bugs, so most of my day was working with my coworker debugging things. A few minor syntax errors later, we were rolling again!

In the afternoon after Therapy, I had to jump into adding an image into a banner for our Shopify store. I got everything all set up, and sent a message for where I could access the image. After that, I called it a day! Friday would be the day to implement everything.



So this morning was full-steam on getting the refactor done. Finished squashing a few minor bugs with my coworker, and things seem to work! We found a bug that we had to pass off to another coworker, so while he worked on that, I jumped over and deployed my Shopify changes and had those approved! Thank goodness for "simple" tasks actually being simple!

While waiting and doing a bit of work on docs myself for the Front End of the Core PIM Platform, I had a cron scheduled to run that synchs our product catalog to Algolia, so I had to hop over and make sure it worked. 30k records and no errors later, we were good there! So nice when things run as they should!

Finally closing out the day, it was just waiting on the changes for the bug so we could deploy. I got this write-up caught up, and once those bugs were fixed, I had one last small bug to fix of my own. A quick refactor of how I was passing the param to my RTK Query endpoint, and we should be good to go there!

In the evening, I got the rest of the responsive styling done for this very blog! I'm excited to get that done so I can focus more on writing!

Enjoy your weekend!